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Donating solar powered computers to Africa

Donating Computers, Zambia and Zimbabwe


Two of Henny’s Kids’ earliest projects are in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Candyce Stapen took time out from her assignments in Africa as a travel journalist to visit rural schools.  Most lacked electricity and adequate supplies. The children, eager and bright, learned from old textbooks. Stapen decided to make a difference so she created Henny’s Kids.


Rural Schools Solar Powered Laptop Delivery

Rural Schools Solar Powered Laptop Delivery

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Laptop Projects

Since early education is vital, Henny’s Kids supports elementary (primary) schools. By donating laptops loaded with programs, solar panels to power the computers, textbooks for the children, and training for the teachers, Henny’s Kids invests in youngsters.  Two of Henny’s Kids’ earliest projects are in the Zambezi region.  

Donating soccer balls to Africa


When Henny’s Kids delivered laptops and training to Ngamo School, Zimbabwe, in May 2018, that school became the first in Zimbabwe to have computers for students.  Read More...


"With these computers, we can only go from strength to strength in educating our students here at Ngamo Primary, as we now have access to digital technology, a first in this remote rural area," says Mr. Moyo, Headmaster Ngamo Primary School.

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Henny's Kids,

a non-profit corporation

Purpose We bring solar-powered laptops, computer training, and other educational resources to rural schools. Henny’s Kids empowers children by connecting them to 21st century technology. As part of our work in Africa, we also donate soccer balls to schools so that kids can play with real sports equipment.

Partnerships We work with local and global strategic partners to monitor the program, assess needs, answer questions, and provide ongoing training. Our valued partners include Children in the Wilderness and One Laptop Per Child.

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Donating soccer balls to Africa


Henny’s Kids’ commitment to Twabuka School began in 2014 with solar-powered

computers and portable solar panels. We continue to provide computers and training. Read More...


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Donating Soccer Balls, Twakua School, Zambia

Twabuka School, Zambia, Soccer Ball Delivery

Twabuka School, Zambia, Soccer Ball Delivery

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