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On-the-Ground Oversight

To ensure the success of our programs, Henny's Kids creates strategic alliances with organizations in the US and in other countries to provide on-the-ground oversight and training. 

One Laptop Per Child

Computers  Henny’s Kids raises funds to purchase computers from One Laptop Per Child, headquartered in Miami, FL. Designed for children in rural areas, OLPC computers feature hundreds of programs, maintain a long battery life, and operate on solar power as well as on electricity.


OLPC’s mission “is to create educational opportunities for the world’s most vulnerable children by providing each child with a rugged, connected laptop computer, loaded with content and software designed for joyful, self-empowered learning,” notes Leah Shadle, OLPC, Inc.


For anyone, initial contact with a computer can feel both magical and daunting. For children in poor, rural communities who may have never actually seen a computer, those feelings intensify.


That’s why Henny’s Kids sponsors onsite sessions led by OLPC experts. During the multi-day course, teachers learn how to employ the laptops as tools to teach science, math, history, writing, music, and other essential elements of the curriculum. OLPC trainers also keep in touch with teachers, answering questions and providing guidance.

Children in the Wilderness (CITW)

CITW, an environmental and life skills educational program, focuses on the next generation of rural decision makers. Through camps, Eco-Clubs at schools and in the bush, CITW, the non-profit educational arm of Wilderness Safaris, educates local students, inspiring them to become environmental leaders.


“Henny’s Kids’ donation to our Children In The Wilderness programme makes it possible for us to continue to achieve our aim: that of inspiring rural children to care for their natural heritage and to become the custodians of these areas in the future,” says  Sue Goatley, CITW Programme Coordinator, Zambezi Region; Wilderness Safaris Community Programmes Coordinator.


CITW supports Henny’s Kids in many ways, including helping to select schools, deliver computers (and soccer balls), monitor their security, and assess the students’ progress. CITW also helps underwrite the cost of transporting, lodging and feeding the OLPC trainers. Henny’s Kids is grateful for CITW’s assistance and encouragement. 

Background Photo © Candyce Stapen

On the Ground Oversight in Africa

Background Photo © Candyce Stapen

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